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New ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Nintendo Switch Game Could be a Revamped Classic

Nintendo 3DS - The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes E3 2015 Trailer (YouTube)

The next new “Legend Of Zelda” Nintendo Switch game could bring back classic 2D elements albeit in a revamped style. “Zelda” games have certainly been the topic of discussion specially now that “Breath Of The Wild” is on its way.

Although the upcoming “Zelda” game features a 3D open-world, it wouldn’t hurt for the series to return to its roots. Producer Eiji Aonuma teases what’s to come in the “Legend Of Zelda” Nintendo Switch line-up.

According to DigitalTrends, a classic “Zelda” game coming out on Nintendo’s latest console is highly likely. Producer Aonuma explained that the team behind classic “Zelda” games on the 3DS is different from the team responsible for the 3D ones on the Wii U.

Although Aonuma loved the idea of bringing back the traditional “Zelda” gameplay, he explained that he wouldn’t want to combine both teams. Instead, the “Zelda” producer would rather have both teams come up with their own renditions of a “Legend Of Zelda” Nintendo Switch game.

This suggests that we might be getting two new “Zelda” games for the Nintendo Switch in the future! If a new “Zelda” game would materialize in the future, it won’t be the typical classic 2D “Zelda” gameplay.

According to DenOfGeek, the new game might have a more “evolved” 2D look. Aonuma mentioned that he wants the new “Legend Of Zelda” Nintendo Switch game to have a more “evolved 2D-style approach.”

What the “Zelda” producer means by “evolved” style is anyone’s guess for now. Regardless, it’s good news for classic “Zelda” fans to know, that the future of the series might involve bringing it back to the way it first captured their hearts and imagination.

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