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How To Make A Secure Password: Worst Passwords Are ‘123456,’ ‘qwerty’ & ‘password,’ Says Keeper Security Study

Over 10 million passwords that leaked online in 2016 revealed that majority are using terrible number-key combinations, making them susceptible to hackers. Even the most common 2015 password “123456” still makes up for 17 percent of analyzed combinations last year.

As if order-correct combination is not enough, password management firm Keeper Security said that coming in second place as a favorite combination is “12345678” for log-in that asks for a 8-digit combination. Then other easily guessed number repetitions like “111111” tops the list too.

If there is a consolation in the list, the ever-pressing “password” dropped in the list and is now placed at eighth. Other combinations like “qwerty” and “qwertyuiop” appears to be subconsciously typed when creating an account and users can’t think of a better one yet. These passwords are forgotten after their accounts were approved since they are indeed convenient to remember.

Keeper Security also divulged that of top 15 terrible passwords, most are sporting a 6 alpha numeric combinations. 6-digit codes can be broken with a proper hacking tool in just seconds, Tech Spot said.

Meanwhile, Keeper Security believes that users don’t hold solo obligation in making their accounts secure. The bigger responsibility is arguably with website administrators that should implement password complexity policy to secure users.

In some cases, websites are giving away complex passwords like “18atcskd2w” for the users. The combination sounds complex but they can still be broken due to websites’ negligence. Keeper Security explained that such combinations were repeatedly given to multiple users and the website themselves are forgetting to generate new ones.

Keeper Security proposes three rules in creating strong passwords. First is to use a variety of characters where there is a combination of upper, lowercase and special characters. Secondly, users should avoid words that are listed in the dictionary. Finally, password managers can help users generate and remember strong passwords. Source: mobilenapps

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